Born in Córdoba (Argentina), Graciela Jiménez now lives in Madrid. She studied piano at the Félix T. Garzón Conservatoire in her native city and composition at the National University of Córdoba’s School of Arts. In 1989 she moved to Spain, continuing her piano and composition studies at the Victoria Eugenia Conservatoire in Granada, where she was awarded a special prize for piano.

Her music has been performed in cities in Spain, Argentina, the US, Mexico, Italy, France, Greece, the UK and Germany. Her catalogue includes piano, vocal and chamber works, as well as pieces for jazz ensemble, wind band and orchestra. She has recorded eight albums as composer and pianist: Hablo del Sur (1992) , Garuando (2000), Vidas fingidas (2002), Citas y collages (Hilando Cielos Records 2012), Amor oscuro (Hilando Cielos Records 2013), Mediterráneo (Universidad de Granada 2014) , El color del tiempo (Club del Disco, 2018) and Graciela Jiménez Works for piano. Works for cello and piano (NAXOS (2018). She has also composed original soundtracks for several audiovisual projects, including the documentary La Alhambra o el poder de la creación (‘The Alhambra or the Power of Creation’) for the Patronato de la Alhambra y el Generalife (‘Alhambra and Generalife Trust’, 1999), Tod Browning’s silent classic West of Zanzibar (2009), and photographer and film-maker Antonio Arabesco’s video art films Tronco sin ramas (‘Trunk without Branches’, 2014) and Julia (2016). Her work is highly engaged with other artforms including poetry, the visual arts and photography, and her multidisciplinary creations include El resplandor de un rayo (2013) and Amor oscuro (2016).

She combines her busy life as a composer and musician with her teaching career.

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